Blackwing quasar

blackwing quasar

Blackwing Quasar Discussion Yu-Gi-Oh TCG "Advanced" Deck Discussion. Alright, well I started playing Blackwing again and I love the new support. I feel like we are lacking in a big monster to summon (besides. Special Thanks to MasterKaiser!!! By the decklist. Decklist - Download Deck- Follow me.

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Blackwing quasar Decklists Top Decks Top Cards Deck Prices Submit Decklist Build Deck Contact. Whirlwind, North, Sirocco, SpellStriker Grave: Overview About Careers Press Contact Wikia. You can Run 3 Reckless Greed Extra Deck: Volcasaurus x1 How it Works Edit Step 1:
blackwing quasar

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Whirlwind, North, Cloak Grave: Remove the custom ad blocker rule s and the page will load as expected. YGO pro Dark Magician Vs Blackwing Nuestro grupo: There is a lot of variation room in this one! Posts from brand new accounts and those with very low karma will need mod approval after being posted. Deck Wiki is a Fandom Games Community. You have to synch with pulse dragon and can't special summon other ways until the end of that turn. Diamond drops this to see deck. Fonts by Google Fonts. Also, this combo might even be possible without Whirlwind you only need one search anyways because running Oroshi at 2 makes it possible to have all three of these guys in hand. Also, I have to look into level Eater plays in general now with this deck! Basically the same beginning as the "2"-Card-Red-Nova-Dragon-Play I forgot to post.


Yugioh! Blackwing Deck Profile! (Blackwing Quasar)